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Channel settings in the Morawa Video CMS
Channel settings in the Morawa Video CMS
In this article you will learn how to set up your channel correctly in the Morawa Video CMS.
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Before you fill the video platform with content, you need to define certain basic settings. To do this, open the settings and select the sub-item "Kontoeinstellungen" (Account settings).

Ignore the user and livestream settings for the time being and focus entirely on the "Channel settings". Here you need to add your terms and conditions, set your privacy policy and provide your customers with information about you.

This information will be visible to your visitors in the footer of your channel website.

Furthermore, you will find the sub-item "Download Pop-Up Backend" in the "Channel Settings". Under this point you can inform the logged-in users of certain guidelines before downloading videos.

If a user clicks on the download symbol next to a video, the message you created under "Download Pop-Up Backend" appears. The user must agree to this message in order to download the video.

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