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Create a panel to enhance your livestreams with live overlays
Create a panel to enhance your livestreams with live overlays
In this article you will learn how to create a new panel for stream refinement.
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With the Morawa Video CMS you can create your own panels, with which you can easily and quickly make different insertions in your stream. To get to the panels, click on "Kontoeinstellungen" (Account settings) in the settings and then scroll all the way down to the menu item "Panels".

To be able to use panels for your stream, you must first create the panels.

Click on "Erstellen" (Create) on the panel page.

The interface for creating a new panel will now open

  1. Name
    Enter a name for your panel here

  2. Beschreibung (Description)
    If you create many panels, you have the possibility to describe your panel here in order to provide more information about the panel, also for other users.

  3. Stream Typ (Stream Type)
    Here you can select a template for your panels, which you can adapt to your requirements later on.

  4. Panelvorschau (Panel preview)
    Here you can see a preview of the panel template selected in Stream Type.

  5. Speichern (Save)
    When you have completed 1-3, click on "Create" to design your panel according to your wishes.

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